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As a Counsellor

  • Capt Tanuja KFounder , Fauji ki Paathshala

    As to the value for my money? Absolutely! I would recommend Sonal. She not only just a coach but her insights, great questions and gentle prodding helped me to avoid some critical situations with my peers at work. As a result, I am able to focus on what I do best. I made a decision to actively create a new future by redesigning my role within my second career only with her help.

    I always look forward to my conversations with Sonal. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She has been an exemplary professional coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I look forward to our continuing relationship.

  • Gagandeep Singh Bawa

    As a result of the coaching with Sonal I have been able to become more organised, with a positive outlook, seriously cut down my junk intake and exercise more. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. When I launch into the next project in my life I will definitely be giving Sonal a call. It was cheaper than gym membership and with much more benefit.

  • Jyoti Patel

    For years I had struggled with low confidence and could find any excuse for why whatever happened was my fault. I now realise when I have negative beliefs (that hold me back rather than improve my life) and coaching has helped me to deal with them. This has helped with my confidence in a range of different situations. But the positive impact on my family and relationships has been the biggest surprise for me. I now spend more time and enjoy that time, guilt free, with my family. It was the fact that I wanted to stay at home with my baby that came out during the sessions that altered the way I approached my work life. I found that coaching is a partnership where the goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately the action comes from you however Sonals's careful questioning and challenging, combined with listening skills tease out the important issues and then together you form an action plan.

As a Trainer

  • Prof. Avinash VikramProfessor

    As per my opinion i have noted few points regarding this communication skill workshop which are as follow:

    • Ms. Sonal was very interactive with whole audience and i found the same involvement from student's side.
    • Topics and content covered during the workshop was very good.
    • Skits, other activities conducted by the instructor was very good and student participation shows their internal motivation which they got from the session.
  • Prof. Priyanka MangalProfessor

    Some key points, I observed during training-

    • Your teaching style and way to respond to students was amazing.
    • You provided complete guidance with patience, when interacting with students.
    • You created a positive and learning environment during complete training.
    • You delivered content within the time frame and you were able to manage time efficiently if faced any a technical issue or other distraction/problem.
  • Prof. Vaibhavee ChoubeyProfessor

    Trainer (Sonal Vyas) has been brilliant in bridging the gap between the fun of the outdoor activities and the real world of work, making sure delegates clearly understand and learn from the tasks. Well delivered and engaging pace was perfect and really enjoyed the day .This session will definitely make a difference. Very well delivered. She is very enthusiastic. The session compels you to question your current approach and look for ways to influence your performance. I will definitely be putting into practice all I've learnt.

    Thank you for the sessions.


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