Past Life Regression

Started on May 1, 2019

Many of us have pain, fears, phobias, negative thoughts, attitudes that we can’t explain.  Often, the root cause of the problem can be found in the stories of past life. PLR is a deep healing process that works at deeper level of emotional and spiritual level. It identifies and works on root cause of the issue that might be related to past life. The deep change takes place at the very source of the problem and restores every area of life, whether physical or emotional

Benefits of PLR :

  • Identify life purpose.
  • A release of limiting thoughts and beliefs. That is blocking your inner peace.
  • Many times, after PLR, as stored emotions are released, symptoms such as fear, anxiety or stress is healed with no recurrence,
  • Feel motivated, more in control
  • Clearing and moving on from any past trauma that is affecting our life today.
  • Healing helps to shift focus from victim mentality to powerful action oriented mentality
  • An expanded sense of universal love and acceptance of self and others.
  • A better understanding of self and others so as to strengthen relationships and the ability to create healthier patterns.
  • .Helps in spiritual growth, deeper understanding of life.
  • Helps in grief by realising feeling of helplessness because of loss of loved ones.
  • Deeper understanding of current life challenges by acknowledging and forgiving the past.

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