Counselling Psychotherapist, Trainer

Sonal Vyas

Sonal Vyas has passion for people, and is compassionate and empathetic. She is a natural healer, with inborn intuitive skills. A self-motivated learner Sonal finds her element in having people discovers the best out of them and that was the genesis of her entrepreneurial venture as full time Life-Coach. Over the years she has seasoned herself in various disciplines like meditation, spirituality, energy healing, angel card reading and self-help under the expert guidance of vivid, known/unknown Master Guides, developing a SOLUTION FOCUSED MINDSET and APPROACH towards life. Her knowledge and wisdom help people to open up and identify their true potential that helps them to overcome the voids and enjoy better relationship and life. She excels as Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Spiritual Consultant, Energy Healer, Self Help Expert, Relationship Advisor, and Counselling, Career Guidance, Law of Attraction Advisor, Understanding your Own Abilities. Certified Hypnotic Life Coach, Specialises in Intense Emotions, Meditation Techniques, Healing techniques through Affirmations, Self Hypnosis, Chakra Healing, Mind & Body Synchronization etc.

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