Why is it so tempting to ruminate and obsess when we are in “LOVE”?

He was supposed to call me at night, but he didn’t. So… what I did was sat through the entire night and fabricated 101 stories in my head and forced myself to believe.

The stories ranged from funny to serious to vague. All in all I created the ridiculous cascade of ifs & buts.

The pillow was soaked, the night got ruined… the following morning, he “called”. By the time my volcano of emotions was bubbling already.

Later, I figured out the reality. That the real reason didn’t match any of my 101 stories. Sounds hilarious doesn’t it?

Thinking about it not aren’t we all as guilty as charged?

We feel the immediate need to know, and when we ain’t able to, we weave our own versions in our mind. Which more often than not are pretty far away from reality.

But these versions are what we believe in the space between wondering and knowing.

Overthinking & over analysing has never been of any good ever, and probably won’t ever be. All we need to do is let go of the “what ifs”. We can never have control of everything in our lives. Also we can’t control everyone in our lives.

We can’t always have the final say on who stays or leave. We need to let go of our doubts.

And take life as it comes.

Hope for the Best & Be Prepared for the worst!

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