In my last training session, on break one of the teachers’ asked me “I already know most of the things you are saying. I agree too. And now I am ready to implement all the things you’ve said. But why don’t we listen to ourselves. Why is it hard to counsel self?”

I get to hear this lot. Why is it hard to take up advice we give to others to ourselves? There can be many reasons like – That is because we don’t take ourselves seriously, and/or not confident in ourselves. Or, we don’t trust our strengths and abilities to judge ourselves and our situation. Or, and as the human nature goes, we need someone to assign blame when things do not go as expected. It is easy to blame others than blame self and carry the guilt. Or, we are too emotionally involved to see the situation objectively.

We all need someone to look at our situation quantitatively. Who can second the solution we have, or provide us with different alternatives? To know we are not alone, there is someone who can help us to face the problem alone.

Asking for help does not makes you weak, it means you are wise.

 “Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Take responsibility of your life. Be confident. Value yourself. You have more capability than you let on. You are stronger than you think. Take charge of your life. Your experiences have made you stronger and wise. Trust your instincts.

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