What is Healing?

Healing is perfection, perfection of mind, body and soul. If there is any imbalance or diversion from the perfect or smooth functioning of any aspect in life, that needs to be healed.

Healing is a process. Not just with medicines, healing is done through vibrations. Vibrations generated from emotions and feelings. We get what we send to the Universe. We send vibration of sickness when we talk/complain about our body, our life. I have seen many people enjoy talking about “how severe their headache or body ache is”, that no doctor is able to find the cure. People love to talk about their discomfort. It’s like there is a competition who is suffering the most. These vibrations then manifest in their body, in their life. And then people wonder why they are so miserable.

Healing starts with SELF. Raise your vibrations with POSITIVE THOUGHTS, and GRATITUTE. Be grateful of your body, grateful of life and experience the magical power of healing.

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