One of my friends asked that why she always feel unhappy? She makes great efforts to make people in her life happy. Sometimes they respond to her efforts, other times they take her for granted. This makes her unhappy and unappreciated.

We all sometimes in our lives feel that somewhere we are losing ourselves. We all are very focused on nurturing and maintaining the relationship with our family, friends and loved one. We make big gestures, cook food, bring gifts, give time and attention and still feel bad and guilty for any little things we do for ourselves. Our happiness depends on other’s approval, and other’s approval is conditional.

We forget that the most important person who is responsible for your happiness is YOU. You cannot make anyone happy unless you yourself are happy and content. The whole world can love you, appreciate you, but the love and appreciation will not make you happy, till you start loving yourself. When was the last time you did something without feeling guilty?

Daily do something for yourself.  Be your own approver. People around you will automatically be happy seeing you pleased and content. You will see the difference.

What will make you happy is the love coming out of you. That is the love that will make difference, not the love everyone has for you. Your love for everyone is your half; the other half can be a tree, it can be a dog, it can be a cloud. You are one half; the other half is what you perceive. You are the half as dreamer, and the dream is the other half.

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