Happiness is a choice. Every situation we face has two choices. Either change the situation according to your liking and if cannot change, accept it. When we choose or forced to accept a situation, again we can choose to accept grudgingly and complain every now and then, or we can accept it happily trusting something good is going to come out of it.

Happiness comes from within. It depends on our attitude, and not what we have. We always put conditions to our happiness, like, “if such and such things happen, only then I’ll be happy”, or “I’ll be happy only after…..”. And once we achieve any of these “condition”, again reset the bar of condition. Again we complain how unfair the life is.

Happiness should not be conditional. We all are born to be happy, to experience.  Accept any bad situation as an experience, and be happy about it. Joy and sorrow, is cycle of life. We get stuck in a situation because we are so busy complaining about it that we refuse to move forward, even when we see the light in darkness. We enjoy being a victim.

Change your attitude. Make happiness a habit. Feel the LIGHT, experience the MAGIC….

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