A senior at work complimented me for what he thought I was good at…

But the typical of me is, I don’t know how to react to compliments and accept them gracefully. Hence, compliments make me nervous, uncomfortable and awkward!

I in my free time sat and was pondering over this issue with me… and voila… what I realized my generic reply to compliments is “thank You… but I honestly don’t deserve all the appreciation”

Some say I am overly modest, some tag me pretentious. But honestly I am neither. I am not able to gracefully receive compliments and appreciation. The root cause probably is that I don’t believe enough of myself, you know, low self-worth, self-doubt.

Well if you can relate to me here, congratulations. You have got “good for nothing” syndrome.

Now that we have successfully diagnosed this dreadful syndrome, that we are currently suffering from, its high time that we look for a treatment. The treatment plan goes as:

  • Learn to accept
  • Believe in yourself

It’s about time we work on curing it. The above two would be a good start.

So, when next time someone compliments you, thank them with a smile. Feel happy Yes! You deserve it.

We deserve all the appreciation & love the world has to offer.

We are all superstars of our own.

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